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Balestri Valda Az. Agr.

Balestri Valda Az. Agr.

Via Monti, 44 - 37038 Soave (VR)
tel +39 045 7675393
email: info@vinibalestrivalda.com
web: www.vinibalestrivalda.com


Guido Rizzotto has dedicated his life to wine-making and is a man in love with his land; every day with endless dedication, Guido strives for excellence in the vineyards and in the cellar. Today Laura, Guido’s daughter, guides the evolution of the company with her own personality.
 She loves nature and day after day brings creativity and sensitivity. Milena, wife and mother, behind the scenes brings patience and gentleness providing balance to the family. Balestri Valda is our story; we are convinced that it is our great passion that transforms the beautiful craft of wine-making into the deep-seeded sense of pride that we each possess.

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