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Casarotto Az. Agr.

Casarotto Az. Agr.

Via Pasquaro, 12 - 37030 Montecchia di Crosara (VR)
tel +39 045 7450165
email: info@vinicasarotto.com
web: www.vinicasarotto.com


The Casarotto winery is situated at the foot of the Lessini Mountains, bordering the Soave area, in a breathtaking landscape comprising gently rolling hills entirely covered in vineyards. In 1945, the vinification of our own grapes took place when a vinification cellar was built by our great-grandfather and the founder of the winery, now run by Celeste Casarotto and her family, the third generation. To achieve excellent results from vines, it is essential to have a passion for the land and for vine growing. Our family personally oversees all production steps from the vines to the vinification process so we can offer an excellent product, thanks to our long-standing experience and to the aid of new technologies.

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