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Sopressa Veronese

The ancient origins of soprèssa are known from numerous historical and artistic quotations over the centuries.

It is a quality sausage with deep ties to the area of production, the culmination of local culture and rural gastronomic traditions. Since the 1950s, many events and local festival have been dedicated to this product.

The pigs’ diet is carefully monitored and based almost exclusively on top quality cereals. Slaughter and processing are carried out in small, local workshops which follow traditional working methods and are adequately monitored.

A unique attribute of the soprèssa vicentina lies in the fact that the best cuts of pork are used. The selected meats is minced in a grinder and after other ingredients are added to the minced meat, such as salt, pepper and other spices, mixed well for a homogeneous blend. It’s the length and location of ripening that gives it its outer colour, which starts out as off-white to become a light grey. Upon cutting the meat appears reddish, tending to rose coloured, with evenly distributed parts of fat. The seasoning, which at times carries the aroma of garlic, gives the product a delicate and unmistakable taste that is sweet but equally savoury.

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